withdrawal from USCIS.

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withdrawal from USCIS.

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[Name and address]
USCIS [office where you filed]
Subject: Notification of withdrawal
1-765 Application for employment authorization [Your petition form number and type]
Petitioner: [Your name]
Beneficiary: [Name]
Dear sir/madam
USCIS Receipt number: [Receipt number]
Purpose: withdraw the application
Withdrawal From USCIS:
I am writing this letter to withdraw the case I filed with USCIS regarding my husband’s relocation to the United States. I initially went to the United States three years ago in search for greener pastures and luckily got a job in a company. My desire has always been to live close to my beloved ones, and the reasons why I filed a case with the USCIS was to enable my husband join me in the United States after staying apart for an extended period (Divine 62). The long distance was a bit hard for us when it came to planning for the future and being close to each other was to be beneficial for our marriage and future investment. Also, my husband migrating to the United States was a better opportunity for us to plan for our first child as we looked forward to enjoying living close to each other. After getting a good job and settling in the United States entirely, I saw that it was time for my husband to join me.
I was disappointed last month when I visited Ghana and found out that he was cheating on me. It seemed that he had already moved on and fighting for our marriage seemed meaningless. The reason behind withdrawing of the case is due to…

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