Motivational Techniques

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Motivational Techniques

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Employee Motivation
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Employee Motivation
Motivating employees provides a feasible mechanism upon which firms can encourage them to work harder to spur the performance of an organization. Offering an ideal working environment ensures that companies can recognize the challenges that face their employees with regards to the attainment of organizational goals and services (Nohria, Groysberg & Lee, 2008). The paper illustrates that a significant reason why Zappos is successful in its business stems from the company’s culture and ability to inculcate the spirit of cooperation amongst its customers and employees with the business. The business is two way. Thus, both the customers and employees derive satisfaction from working with Zappos.
Motivating employees plays an instrumental role in building their capacities to respond to the demands of their job. Accordingly, Zappos has identified that its employees form a critical part of the success of its operations. The firm maintains a core value guidance, from which it derives relevant advice on how to work efficiently while at the same time gain on their job (Rooney, 2008). The company’s core value system has been efficient in the delivery of quality services (Lazaroiu, 2015). Its employees are well trained to deliver optimal services that give time and value for their money.
Training is one of the effective strategies of motivating employees. It helps to furnish them with the appropriat…

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