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moral development

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Moral Development
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Moral Development
Moral development is the way a person develops in morality from infancy to maturity. It is the way people interact with one another in the environment they are living at any given moment (Al-Yagon, 2013). Morality is what defines people and what they perceive others in the society they are living in the long run. Moral development has several stages through which they help in the interactions people have with one another in the long term.
Process of moral development
The moral development is a product of the various interactions the people involves in during the process of growth and development. The moral development of children is what builds up the moral principles in the maturity stage. The moral development in children is due to the socialization and internalization processes. The child will copy the right sound practices from the parent, caregivers or peers(Al-Yagon, 2013). The children will differentiate pure from typical behaviors from the reactions they perceive fRorm the mature counterparts.
The conventional moral development stage is what helps one to adjust to the norms of the society. A child will pursue to do the things that people around them can approve. It is the also the society level of morality. The level is what makes the people stick to laws and regulations that govern the society(Sperling, 2012).
The next step in the development of morality is the d…

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