Framing Messaging and Hand sanitizer

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Framing Messaging and Hand sanitizer

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Framing Message and Hand Sanitizer

Framing Message and Hand Sanitizer
Did you know that hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases (White et al., 2001)? Well, now you know. I am a researching the practicability of using message framing as a method of attracting more people to clean their hands using sanitizers. I am testing which message framing will draw more people to wash their hands between the gain message framing and the loss message framing. Can you imagine a world where infectious diseases are all prevented through hand washing? Join me in the journey to achieving such a world.
First, the researcher will formulate the questions that will be used in the survey. Then the researcher will create the survey at Qualtrics website. The researcher will upload both the loss frame message and the gain frame message to the Qualtrics website. The researcher then feeds the questions into the system. When all that is done, the next thing is to get the participants to who will take part in your survey.
When all the above steps are completed, the researcher now needs to look for people who will do the survey, or he can sit down and wait for respondents. When the required number of respondents is met the researcher then closes the study, downloads the response and analyzes them.
Questions to the participant.
Using a scale of between 0 and 5, answer the following questions where 5 means most likely, a…

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