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conflict of interest revision

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Conflict of Interest
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Conflict of Interest
Dr. Wen provides an interesting twist in doctor’s conflict of interest. However, one thing that impresses me the most in her talk is the unsettling issues in healthcare provision that can provoke the patient confidentiality towards their care providers. In her talk, Wen provides shocking details on doctors who own research projects or facilities who have interfered with patients treatment and outcome due to individual and financial gain. Usually, doctors trusted with providing care in regards to professional and ethical values. However, their interaction with patients can be affected by their relationship with other groups, individuals, business organizations which lead to doctor’s conflict of interest. The relationship between doctors and other external entities have a hidden epidemic in the health care provider, which has led to severe consequences on patients’ health.
Conflict of interest interferes with patient confidentiality and trust, which is define the relationship of a doctor and the patient and forms the basis of medical ethics. The process of holistic care is not only on treatment but resonate around patient trust and confidentiality as well. As discussed by Beauchamp and James (2013) physicians have an obligation to disclose any conflict of interest as a way to increase trust and confidence among patients. Wen supports this statement by point out the value of healthca…

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