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Insomnia: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Insomnia: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Insomnia is a condition characterized by difficulty in falling asleep. The disorder has adverse effects on the patient as they are likely to develop mental disorders and are often tired thus lowering their productivity at the workplace (Ye et al., 2015). Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an approach commonly employed in treating people with mental problems such as unhappiness and apprehension which are as a result of insomnia. CBT is administered either by a therapist or online and printed material, a method referred to as internet-based CBT (CBT-I).
Ashworth et al., (2015) focused on determining whether CBT applied using the face-to-face interactions with a counselor was more equipped to treat unhappiness than CBT-I. CBT-I is mainly designed to have the patient to utilize self-help material in their treatment. In Ashworth et al., (2015) research, 41 individuals were involved in the trial in about two months.
The volunteers were first exposed to antidepressants and then allocated sessions with either a therapist or CBT-I. At the end of the eight weeks, all participants showed various improvements. However, 61.1 percent of the patients undergoing the traditional CBT treatment reported positive changes while only 5.6 percent of the self-help group showed improvements.
A case study conducted proves that CBT-I still has significant benefits. The treatment method is ca…

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