Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study

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Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study

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Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study
Student’s Name
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Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study
To: The Management
From: Market Research Director
Subject:Value Proposition Techniques
Customer value is an area that has sparked the interest of market researchers and business owners. Also, it has been identified to be among the critical factors that influence the success of businesses. Therefore, it significant to consider what the customers perceive to be valued. In most cases, customers rate the value of the products they are given against their expectations. The success of a business is dependent on how it enhances their value proposition in the eyes of the clients, and a company can only achieve this by applying online survey methods to market research. Therefore, this memo contains recommendations on how Montreaux can facilitate co-creation of the value proposition that can be embraced by survey participants.
The case study has analyzed customer usage and attitudes towards the consumption of chocolate. Survey has also shown that women have a higher tendency of eating chocolate than men, with a percentage rating of 94% for former and 90% for the former. In addition, the survey has shown that higher income earner has higher tendency of purchasing boxed chocolates. Moreover, individuals aged between 45 and 64 have been identified to have the highest level of income per capita. Therefore, the company…

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