Mixed anxiety and depression:A cognitive behavioral approach with (Meichenbaum)

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Mixed anxiety and depression:A cognitive behavioral approach with (Meichenbaum)

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Mixed Anxiety and Depression
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Examination of a mental status involves a structured assessment of the behavioral and cognitive functioning of the patient. Considering Anna’s case, she suffers from a panic disorder which stems from historical contexts, having lost her mother who died of cancer at age 13 and the verbal abuses among other developmental issues. The best approach to treating her mental condition is cognitive behavioral therapy. The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that is goal-oriented with practicalities to problem-solving (Martin, 2017). It aims to alter the thinking pattern as well as behavior that are behind the panic attacks that Anna experiences. The approach is widely used currently because of its successes with various mental health problems and multiple populations. However, there are also certain challenges while using this approach. For instance, it may be ineffective for individuals with difficult health problems and learning difficulties. The paper will address some of the questions relating to Anna’s case.

Therapeutic Approach: Cognitive Behavioral Approach with (Meichenbaum)
Who are the major figures associated with this approach?
What historical contexts or influences informed this approach?
Some of the historical contexts that informed this approach include negative thinking about self, and the world, which are attributed to the death…

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