Minority Groups

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Minority Groups

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Minority Groups
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In what Ways Must Feminism Adapt in Order to Account for a Variety of Experiences?
As time advances, feminism is becoming more inclusive and intersectional. Therefore, there is an increased need for devising ways in which individuals will adapt to new experiences happening each day, and others that are yet to transpire. Some of the methods that feminists can embrace include the understanding that struggles differ from one person to another and understanding the fact that other women from other parts of the world experience different types of problems (DeVault 1999). Feminists should also be ready to include everyone in the society.
In what Ways does Gilman’s Work Speak to Current LGBTQ Organizations’ Goals?
LGBTQ has various goals as widely authored by Gilman in her stories and works as a feminist activist and philosopher. One thing she talked about is equality – which happens to be among the goals of the LGBTQ, where she was advocating for equal rights among all spheres of life and for both genders (Tyson 2014). Gilman also wrote about overcoming the rules of the male-dominated world and forming an all-inclusive system. She brought forward the issue of partnering with the minority groups and offering support to them.
How about the African-American Experience?
Gilman had diversified views of the African-Americans and the minority groups altogether. From the end of slavery,…

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