MEMs sensors and actuators

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MEMs sensors and actuators

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MEMs Sensors and Actuators
Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS) is a technology, which uses micro-fabrication techniques to make miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical devices and structures. MEMS devices satisfy the following criteria: they have a feature size of between one micron and hundreds of micrometer; they have some electrical functionality in their operation; they have some mechanical functionality and have a system-like functionality. These devices can vary from simple structures to complex electromechanical systems. The term MEMS is common in the US whereas the term they use in Europe is Micro Technology System in Europe and Micromachining in Japan (Patric Salomon and Henne van Heeren).
Mems Transducers Classification
The three major operations of MEMS are sensing, actuation and power generation, making microsensors and microactuators the most notable devices. Microsensors convert the mechanical input into electrical signals whereas microactuators use electrical signals to displace or rotate a mechanical structure (“About MEMS”). Microsensors and Microactuators are transducers, that is, devices that transform energy from one form to another. There are various MEMs transducers. In this paper the mechanical transducers, radiation transducers, thermal transducers and magnetic transducers are discussed.
1.0 Mechanical Transducer:
Mechanical Sensors
There are varieties of mechanical sensors. Classification is a…

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