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Due to the changes that have been working the in the work industry, increased knowledge, aggressiveness and innovation are playing an important role in the success of a business (Shubinets 38). Having worked in Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO), for some time motivates me to pursue higher education to help m improve my productivity. In the workplace, an employee can only increase competence through experience or education. Government Employees Insurance Company is the second largest company offering insurance services to the many people in the United States. The company has been recording high profits throughout the year allowing it to expand and grow to great heights (Shubinets 39). Today, the GEICO covers the insurance policy for more than 25 million vehicles in the United States. The high coverage and the success over the years enables the company to have enough resource to invest in various program such as charity.
I have work in GEICO showing commitment and competence the whole time. My productivity level can be improved by increasing my level of education but I am limited by financial constraints because I have to attend school and still work to get the basic needs (Shubinets 40). Higher education would help me to acquire more knowledge as well as advance my career in the long run. If GEICO offered me education reimbursement it would provide financial advantage to the company through return on…

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