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measuring happiness Paper

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Measuring Happiness
Happiness can be measured when defined as the extent to which people judge the quality of their life positively. Self-report together with the evaluation of the report can, therefore, be used to determine the happiness of an individual. The self-report employs the subjective wellbeing (SWB) of an individual to record their general and immediate life perspectives through cognitive and affective components (Frey par. 6). To record the SWB, general social survey or Eurobarometer is used (Frey par. 5). People are asked several questions in an interview or given questionnaires which are later analyzed on scorecards to determine their level of happiness.
One of the disadvantages of a self-report measure of happiness using SWB is the lack of general comparability (Frey par. 6). Happiness being subjective and relative, the scores through SWB may be the same for different people in different geographical regions although their objective measures are opposite. The measure has an advantage of detecting static fluctuations such as the changes in what makes one happy (Frey par. 7). For example, if people are so glad when they have a big car, it is easy to identify the source of happiness through emotions. The self-report method of measuring happy can identify how people judge their lives by identifying what affects their happiness.
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