Mathematical Modelling Systems Biology

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Mathematical Modelling Systems Biology

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Mathematical Modelling- Systems Biology
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Mathematical Modelling- Systems Biology
Stochastic and deterministic mathematical modeling techniques are modeling approaches that are used for developing and studying multiscale biology models and systems. In this case, the use of stochastic numerical simulations and deterministic numerical simulations in understanding and evaluating biology systems has been of critical importance in the last few years. Naturally, biological processes and systems are multiscale, that is, they require the application of a series of models at varying scales to illustrate these systems effectively. To determine the most effective mathematical model to apply, it relatively important to consider the biological questions to be addressed and the data available for validating that particular model.
Stochastic and deterministic mathematical models combine the use of differential equations and analytic numerical methods to illustrate and explain the quantitative aspect of biological phenomena. Mathematical models: stochastic and deterministic approaches use denominational semantics to describe the relationship between quantities in biological systems through the use of equations. For stochastic mathematical models, they employ an indeterminacy approach in the evolution stage of the biological systems (Twycross et al., 2010).
The Auxin transports through a series of plant cells is a typical biology system that can be used…

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