Marriage and divorce rate

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Marriage and divorce rate

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Literature Review- Marriage and Divorce Rate
Title: Marriage, Divorce and economic activity in the US: 1960-2008
Authors: Baghestani Hamid and Michael Malcolm
Source: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
• The document reveals discussion that individual choices which are connected to households or family structure are associated with economic situations (Baghestani & Michael 531)
• The article also takes into the account that, during financial distress, the probability of divorce is minimal as marriage risk-sharing benefits become essential in bad economic times
• Annual report on some marriage and divorce in a thousand people rise from various cases in the national vital statistic report.
• Also, it is argued that the decision to marry is influenced by economic benefits and an unfavorable economy lowers such potentials of the expected gains
• Bad financial situations which lead to job loss is a reason for the increased divorce rate
• Most people expect much gains in marriage and when the potential benefit get lows it resulting in divorce
• Unemployment gap indicates and causes of pro-cyclical behavior in marriage, and when the economy is underperforming, separation occurs.
The literature contributes to the argument by supporting with statistical records how economic forces or pressure has caused divorce.
Title: Phenomenon of Divorce in the Modern World
Author: Kitanovic…

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