Managing Your Mission-Critical Knowledge

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Managing Your Mission-Critical Knowledge

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Knowledge Management
The objective of the paper is to write a critique essay on the issue of knowledge management. Knowledge management is an important aspect of the organization. The article illustrates that knowledge management entails the effective management of company data so as to generate appropriate strategies and decisions that are significant in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the company. Area of knowledge management entails understanding knowledge assets like expert company staffs and identifying new knowledge opportunities.
The author should have illustrated three important issues in the area of knowledge management. These issues are; the role of training in knowledge acquisition, the social networks as knowledge sources, and also the significance of knowledge management to organizational productivity.
Training is an effective approach to transferring knowledge to the staff members and also students. The training aims at giving the staffs or learners additional skills, expertise and also experience. These extra competencies enable the staffs to perform effectively in the work environment. The various training approaches including apprenticeship, coaching, role playing or mentorship. In apprenticeship, the staff is given training on technical skills by a more senior and experienced technical staffs.
In the present globalized environment, many people share ideas through the social network platforms like Facebook Twitter, You…

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