Managerial accounting of Maroc steel

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Managerial accounting of Maroc steel

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Maroc Steel Maghreb Steel Company
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This paper provides an analysis of Maroc steel or Maghreb steel company in reference to the production costs, the pricing, the overall margins or net profit generated by the company and how that aspect impacts on the balance sheet over time. The essence of the report is thus to illustrate and explain the various approaches that may be adopted for purposes of cutting down on the costs or overall expenditure for the firm. The research outlines the various approaches that have been adopted by the company as well as the possible considerations /recommendations of strategies that may be cost efficient or beneficial to the firm. Maghreb steel is a profitable company as determined from the asset and liabilities net figures provided in the balance sheet extracts provided but the net profit is rather moderate or small in comparison to the total net assets and liabilities but the bright side is that the company is profitable. In nutshell, the report is an assessment of Maghreb steel position in the market in relation to the market factors as well as competitors and how the profitability can be improved.
This research on managerial accounting overheads and costs analysis is based on Maroc Steel also known as Maghreb Steel Company. Information has been sourced from company employees previously worked with and the managing director’s Mr. Youssef Sekkat representatives on some of the …

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