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management and union relation during

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Management and Union Relation
After reviewing HCAAF and specifically, management and the union’s relationship, how is it applied in today’s workforce?
After reviewing of HCAAF more so the management and union relationship, there have been consultations at all levels of management including labor relations officials, agency managers, and labor organizations on issues affecting employees. The review has enhanced the formulation of human resource policy and the development of binding government relations, rules and regulations that dictate the conditions of employment. It has created a workforce that receives a fair economy and vibrant democracy in their workplaces and also improving training and collaboration among organizations and the unions on issues pertaining to labor unions.
What experience do you have within your organization? Provide students with your insight as you develop your discussion post.
The review of the HCAAF management and union relationship has enhanced and strengthened democracy in our organization’s management as we as the employees’ have been given the voice in debating on policies that we deem destructive to us. It has also reduced the inequality in our institution through the introduction of a fair share of economic growth between the low and middle-wage employees (Early 1). The review of the policies through HCAAF has also introduced retirement benefits in our organization that the employees who retired years…

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