M3A1 Motel Maids Case Study

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M3A1 Motel Maids Case Study

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M3A1: Case Study – Motel Maids
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Employee motivation has become a crucial aspect of focus for organizations operating in the contemporary business environments. Located in the San Diego area, the Western Motels franchise has been subject to increased complexities for a significant period, mainly in the retention of maids operating in different branches. Notably, the staff turnover rate has been growing causing adverse effects to the normal running of the motels and overall business operations. Consequently, a case study of the Western Motel’s franchise is crucial in the identification of facts supporting the primary and underlying issues facing the organization. Assertively, this analysis uses these facts and issues as the foundation for recommending resolutions that the management could incorporate into the existing approaches. Moreover, the paper highlights relevant aspects about the solutions such as their implementation and follow-up and contingency plans to support the execution of the propositions.
M3A1: Case Study – Motel Maids
In management, the attraction and retention of quality employees is a crucial aspect and determinant of successful running of any organization’s operations. More so, the issue of ensuring employee satisfaction mainly requires the top-level management to have conventional and efficient approaches (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2010). Still, motivation of employees, in particular those t…

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