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Love Poem

Category: Research Proposal

Subcategory: World Literature

Level: High School

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My dear Aladdin
My castle walls were built too high,
Too high you couldn’t reach,
We didn’t even see eye to eye,
And you were not even rich.
That night the stars lit our way,
As we passed a very beautiful sea,
And on your carpet, I did lay,
In that moment you’re all I could see.
But we were world apart,
There’s no way the two of us could happen,
You belonged to the neglected part,
Where you belonged was our pen.
You made your final and last wish,
And am glad that your last wish me.
Jasmine and Aladdin’s love story is among the favorite yet beautiful stories of all time hence the perfect fit for the sonnet. The sonnet My Dear Aladdin is an expressive kind of letter where Jasmine nostalgically remembers the first time she and Aladdin spent quality time together. I picked Aladdin and Jasmine because the two characters are from two different worlds. Jasmine, the daughter of a sultan, while Aladdin, a street urchin, meet and eventually fall in love with the help of Aladdin’s genie although their love was built in a lie it later on cultivated into something real. To write the sonnet, I introduced the central metaphor in the first quatrain and developed it in the second. A conflict in the theme was brought to light in the third quatrain, and the poem ended with a conclusion of the comparison merging the theme (“Step-By-Step Directions for Writing a Sonnet”). Rhyming in the poem was not an easy ta…

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