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World literature

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World Literature
Value of the Spanning Elements
In literature, there are mainly four genres that enhance the reader concentrate their outlooks for the piece, though they can be classified further. From the meaning genre, the general value of genre is to the broad categories of literature from poetry, drama, films, prose, and sub-genre. From the course, work writers and readers apply genres as of the cognitive and social work they achieve. Writers use genre patterns that are embraced by the readers to enhance them develop a working relationship with readers. If a writer fails to use the genre that is embraced and accepted by the readers, they are at risk of losing their audience. To the reader’s genres creates organized information so that it can make more sense about what they are about to read. Therefore, with the use of genre establishes a relationship between the reader and the writer to convey what is written.
Literature cannon is the classification of literature. The primary value that cannon contributes to literature is that it consists of influential works that enhance the readers understand of the period, country, or genre. Looking at some of the course readings, such as Homer, the Iliad, they clearly give the reader the period in which they were written.
The way writers organize their work has a significant value primarily to the reader. With organized work, it creates an appealing view that encourages the…

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