Literacy and Social Justice

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Literacy and Social Justice

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Literacy and Social Justice
Literacy and Social Justice
Literacy and learning should be a process that will transform, empower and result in social difference in society. As a tool, a scholarship is used to impart basic skills one need in reading and learning to be compassionate on others (Comber, 2014). Any literate individual should learn and appreciate individual differenced existing among us and visualize how as an individual will transform the community into an oasis of justice.
In the past, the concept of literacy was theoretically understood and impacted people’s lives for various reasons. Literacy has multiple implications in our lives, socially, economically and politically (Comber, 2014). Just like electricity, a scholarship is a resource in our lives. Along the way, literacy has been altered, changed, and reevaluated to suit the interest of the society.
Critical literacy should be emphasized to instill and empower all students with the ability to unfold existing injustices around them. Once uncovered, they should act on them for the betterment of the society and introduce positive change for the coming generations (Comber, 2014). Existing studies show that literacy should be critical and instill an attitude of change in both the soul and mind of an individual. Every country expects everyone to have essential literacy that will eventually benefit the whole country.
According to studies on social justice, change occurs when we start recog…

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