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Letter 3

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Terrence Walters, Hiring Manager
Hilton Corporation
555 SW 8TH St
Miami, FL 33199
Dear Mr. Walter:
Thank you for offering me the Assistant Manager post at the Hilton Corporation. Regrettably, I decline the job opportunity. It is after extensive deliberation that I finally came to that decision.
I attended the recruitment exercise at your company on November 10, 2018. It was a pleasure to participate in the interview process at the Hilton Corporation, and I appreciate the opportunity. While I was glad to attend the two interviews, leading up to the job offer, I have taken a job offer at another company. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Hotel Management; hence I need flexible hours that Hilton Corporation is not offering at this moment. While I understand and respect the tight working schedule at your organization, I hope my prevailing job rejection will not affect future work endeavors at your company.
Hilton Corporation remains among my top job destinations. Unfortunately, accepting the job offer means I will postpone my studies, yet I have already paid tuition fees to enable me to begin my Master’s degree. I apologize for conveniences that my decision may have caused. If the Assistant Manager post is still vacant, I would recommend a former classmate who is qualified for the job. She possesses excellent professional and academic qualifications suitable to…

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