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Letter 2

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Nature Lovers Club
November 4, 2018.
Eric Ramirez,
555 SW 8th St. #503,
Miami, FL 33199.
Dear Mr. Eric Ramirez:We are glad and pleased to inform you that your request to become a member of the Nature Lovers club has been approved. Congratulations and welcome to our committed team of nature enthusiasts. We are thrilled and feel much indebted to for your willingness to become an environmental conservationist.
As members of the Nature Lovers club, we have an obligation of educating the populace about the different environmental problems and how they impact the survival of humankind. Our primary motive is to conserve the environment and safeguard the survival of future generations. We take pride in preserving nature’s flora and fauna with the sole intention of protecting endangered plant and animal species.
As a new member, you will be expected to attend an orientation meeting where you will get an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the other members of the club. During the session, you will learn a brief history of the club, the founders and the mission. However, we have mandatory meetings every Thursday evening starting from 1600 hrs for all members. This is where we discuss the agenda at hand and plan the way ahead. Unlike other clubs, we do not ask for registration fees, but we do request new members to submit their contact details.
Once again, I wish to take this opportunity to commend you for choosing to become a member of our dedicated team of enviro…

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