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Legalization of Marijuana
Several states including Colorado and California have legalized the production and consumption of recreational Marijuana. Citizens in Massachusetts voted for the authorization of recreational marijuana for an age limit of twenty-one years and above (Chevalier 1). The State’s Cannabis Control Commission has so far approved five licenses. Applicants have to meet several conditions before being permitted to commence operations. Though production of marijuana has been legal since July 2016, no retail shops exist yet.
Some people are ecstatic about the legalization of marijuana while others are against it. The author thinks that it could bring some benefits such as increased tax revenues and jobs. He highlights that the states that have legalized marijuana are hoping for an increase in employment and tax revenues. In 2017, Colorado received tax revenue of $247,368,473 from marijuana sales while Massachusetts expects $63 million annually (Chevalier 1). Marijuana has been generating a lot of income for the last few years, and this money can be used in funding essential investments in the communities such as the construction of public schools.
Additionally, the author thinks that legalizing marijuana will create more employment opportunities for most people and also improve the economy of most towns. Likewise, there will be some social benefits in legalizing marijuana such as a decrease in the imprisonment of people with minor…

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