Leadership Styles Revised

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Leadership Styles Revised

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Thomas Jefferson and Kind Henry are the two historical leaders I chose to talk about. As the president of United States, Thomas Jefferson wanted control. He was eager to know the progress of events in the cabinet. He always wanted to maintain a cordial relationship with his citizens. And he knew the only way to achieve that was to avoid arguments. Kind Henry 8, on the other hand, was a president who was selfish, unpleasant and brutal. His high levels of strategic thinking enabled him to accomplish his mission.
Many people considered Thomas, a champion of human rights. He engaged people engaged anyone in a conversation because in the process he could find an interest that other people had. He experimented democracy in the United States. During his reign, he applied laissez-Faire to allow the citizens to explore their freedom. Kind Henry 8 applied autocratic leadership style to rule the country. He could give orders to people and expect immediate execution. Henry was more authoritative than others because he never consulted anyone to assist him to make any decision. He made decisions himself (Greenstein, 2009).
The two leaders had different personality traits and to some extent they affected their leadership role. Thomas was shy and this made him hate public speaking. He was too emotional and moody. Finally, he was temperamental which enabled him to overcome his limitations. This personality traits enabled Thomas to successful rule the peopl…

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