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Uber Article Review
Sheelah Kolhatkar’s article ‘Uber’s Optimistic Ouster’ mainly focuses on the various ethical issues that the recently formed tech giant has had to deal with in the last couple of years. The article makes known of the company’s illustrious success and what its top officials have had to do in order to gain that success. A general theme of disobedience to the norms of society can be seen in the various activities undertaken by some of the company’s top officials. The article used a recent threat from some of the company’s biggest investors to take serious action for the lack of high moral standards depicted by the Uber’s top officials. The threats came as a reaction to a sexual harassment complaint that was raised by a female engineer who had been enrolled in the company’s workforce.
The pair of investors who were willing to cause a major overhaul in the company’s leadership had been gutted by a series of ethical issues that had emerged about the company. Kolhatkar indicates that the company’s former Chief Executive Officer, Travis Kalanick had used the company’s ambitions as an excuse to break the law. Apparently, Kalanick had previously resigned from his role as the leader of the company after a number of investors demanded that he does so. This came after the company got into numerous scandals involving the Chief Executive Officer. Kalanick was also ousted because of the financial strategies…

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