Journal Entry renal disorder

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Journal Entry renal disorder

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Journal Entry: Renal Disorder
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Journal Entry – Renal Disorder
The case I am going to describe entails a 32-year old man who was admitted with nausea as well as vomiting and abdominal discomforts for two days. The patient has a history of alcohol and substance abuse. Despite his medical condition being unremarkable, the patient was not under any medications. Laboratory results showed a serum sodium level of 152 mg/dL, chloride was 124 mg/dL, and potassium was at 2.8 mg/dL and bicarbonate stood at 14mg/dL. The patient’s blood urea nitrogen was 96 mg/dL while the serum creatinine was 3.7 mg/dL. The patient’s urinalysis revealed glucosuria, ketonuria as well as hyaline casts. Moreover, he was hydrated strongly, and he was later diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and diabetic ketoacidosis. After putting the patient through a contrast computed tomography scan, it was evident that there was the presence of strong ascites throughout the abdomen entailing perirenal spaces, transverse mesocolon as well as colonic gutters. The patient’s ileum and sigmoid colon were thickened and left pleural effusion were noticed.
It was apparent that the causative factor of the patient’s acute renal failure was prerenal secondary to lessened circulatory volume. To treat the patient’s prerenal acute failure, the primary objective was to rest…

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