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Job Descriptions

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Job descriptions
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Job descriptions are basically the statements that describe the duties, responsibilities as well as the required qualifications for a particular job opportunity. They are detailed and provide a clear understanding of the skills and experience the employee brings to the company or organization. Job descriptions have their advantages and disadvantages. As such, they are necessary for a company for various reasons. For instance, job descriptions provide the chance to communicate the direction of the company accurately to enable employees to realize how they fit in. this enables the employees to get in line with the direction the company leadership takes as far as goals, vision, and mission is concerned. Job descriptions also provide a clear outline of what the employees are expected of in the company in terms of recruitment and performance. They also facilitate employees’ legal covers. For instance, descriptions of physical requirements such as disabilities acts (Susan, 2018). Also, job descriptions enable employees to understand their responsibilities, roles, and boundaries within a company. This ensures effective and smooth workflow.
A company that decides not to use job descriptions is likely to suffer certain consequences. For instance, waste of employee expertise. Without job descriptions, the overall productivity of a company is likely to reduce due to unused skills, knowledge, and experience of employee…

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