it301 unit9 assignment

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it301 unit9 assignment

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Professional Responsibility
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Definitions of ethics
Ethics is the moral values, beliefs, and rules upheld by people in their jobs and help then differentiate and choose the right from the wrong (Sanderson et al., 2015). Ethics also refers to the principles and standards that are acceptable in a particular society that helps people in attaining good behavior.
Importance of adherence to the code of conduct
Adhering to the code of conduct ensures accountability and self-evaluation comparing to the set standards. Setting minimum expected standards help managers to perform explicitly higher in running projects effectively. They also set a good, honorable example to the other workers hence establish standards that can be copied and imitated for the benefit of the company.
Top three behaviors
Various attributes should be upheld by all practitioners as stated in the project management institute’s professional ethics and code of conduct, (Sanderson et al., 2015). They include; respect, honesty and fairness. Respect involves negotiating in good faith without acting in an abusive manner to others. Refusal to exercising the power of our expertise to influence others decisions to our advantage, are an important act of respect that should be upheld by all members. Fairness involves rejecting any form of favoritism, prejudice and competition for self-interest.
Response to varying situational standards in different countries
Managers in interna…

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