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Emerging Technology

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Self-Driving Cars
Human error causes most accidents in the United States. To save numerous lives lost and people incapacitated on road accidents, companies like Google, Audi, Ford, BMW, General Motors and Volvo decided to invest in self-driving cars. An autonomous vehicle operates without a human operator. Instead, it has a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, a navigation system and sensors which monitor the position of other cars and edges on the road. In addition to this, a deliberative architecture is used hence the car can make decisions on its own.
Self-driving cars are expected to revolutionize the transportation system (Fagnant and Kara 168).They will play a significant role in making the roads safer by reducing the accidents caused by human error as well as a lower traffic jam. The sensors fitted in autonomous vehicles allow them to pack close together and therefore to increase the lane capacity. The cars are also designed to optimize efficiency in acceleration which is crucial in reducing fuel consumption as well as carbon emissions. In addition to this, driving will be accessible to all including the elderly and the disabled.
Autonomous vehicles are however expected to eliminate many jobs in the transportation industry which will have a negative impact on the economy by increasing the unemployment rate. The vehicles overreliance on sensors makes them vulnerable especially in unexpected conditions such as extreme weather conditions…

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