Software Systems Engineering Processes

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Software Systems Engineering Processes

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Software Systems Engineering Processes
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Software Systems Engineering Processes
St. Johns University is a tertiary education institution in the United States of America. With a student population of around 20,000, the university needs well-developed student information system software in the management of all students’ details. The software handles the following;
The admission process to the university
Handling of examination records and transcript generation.
Management of student health records.
Accommodation services-including allocation of accommodation.
Financial information concerning students-this includes generation of invoices.
Production of study timetables for all departments in the university.
This software will be designed and maintained by the University’s software engineers in the I.T department. It is student information system (SIS) software that has been in place since the establishment of the University. With the ever-increasing student population, the university wishes to develop a new student information system software with capability of offering online learning, real-time update of financial information after fee deposit to banks, online application for accommodation and a student information system that is integrated with the student clinic system for better and convenient management of the students’ health records.
In coming up with such an advanced software, it may be necessary to conduct…

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