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IoTDespite the significant development of technology, the rate at which malware authors are creating countermeasures to disrupt information systems is compelling. With the proliferate of IoT devices throughout the world, securing data has emerged to be a significant challenge. IoT devices collect tons of data, which if not well handled can leak to third parties. Given the fact that data processing and retrieval remain critical components of all IT environments, the development of mechanisms to ensure the protection of data is inevitable. The security issues are known to undermine the functionality of IoT devices and hence their capacity to resolve issues that they are expected to handle. The article by Chen, Chiang, & Storey (2012) illuminates that breaking down the security needs of IoT devices plays a vital role in ensuring that the business capacity is restored to foster data security.
Several methods may be applied to help secure the functions of IoT devices. Huang, Craig, Lin and Yan (2016), suggest the use of a 5th Generation Wireless System, which introduces an authentication and access control protocol. Accordingly, the solutions are known to eliminate lack of transparency and insecurity in data systems. Another solution is the need to restructure the engineering component of information systems (Fernández-Caramés, Fraga-Lamas, Suárez-Albela, & Castedo, 2016). Notably, while system automation provides a reliable met…

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