it301 unit 8 discussion

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it301 unit 8 discussion

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Kaizen can be defined as a system of continuous improvement in technology, quality, processes, productivity, safety, company culture and leadership. Kaizen originated from Japan during the World War II. The meaning of the word kaizen can be said to be continuous improvement. Kaizen is normally a system that involves every personnel in an organization- from top management to the lowest level. Kaizen relates to project management as it always seeks to find new ways of improving productivity and effectiveness while trying to minimize waste. Kaizen falls into more than one knowledge area. Some of these knowledge areas include project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project human resource management among others. All the above knowledge areas utilize kaizen principles as they seek to improve the processes, quality, productivity, and safety.
Quality management refers to all the actions undertaken to improve the level of quality of something. Different companies employ the use of various expressions to define quality management concepts. Quality assurance and quality control can be used interchangeably to mean ways of promoting the quality of product or service. However, both terms have different meanings. Quality assurance can be defined as the act of providing confidence, the process of making sure or the state of making sure. Quality control, on the other hand, refers to evaluation that is done to show the necessary counteractive a…

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