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Social Psychological Perspectives.revised

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Social-Psychological Perspectives
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Social-Psychological Perspectives
Social psychology refers to the scientific study of people’s feelings, behaviors and thoughts as affected by the actual or imagined presence of others. Social psychologists scrutinize elements that cause specific etiquette to unfold in a certain manner in the presence of other people. This paper intends to discuss conditions under which some actions, behavior and feelings occur and the manner in which thoughts, intentions, feelings and goals are collectively built and how the resulting mental representations affect interaction with others (McDougall, 2015).
In a personal experience, the boss at my work place was leaving for a work seminar abroad scheduled for two weeks. Before leaving, he left us an assignment to make a research about the long term effects of environmental pollution caused by industries. In this case, we organized all the employees into groups of four. Each member of the group was assigned a personal role to ensure that everybody contributes to the research. When the boss left, everybody appeared to be careless. The newly appointed assistant manager’s efforts by to encourage the people to conduct the research were fruitless. Although the assignment was very simple, time passed very quickly, but everybody remained unbothered. The boss was back sooner than we expected and he found out that no group had completed researching about the topic.

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