Reflecting on Ethical Situations

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Reflecting on Ethical Situations

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Reflecting on Ethical Situations
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Reflecting on Ethical Situations
Citizens have a right to know. However, this right needs some limitation in particular aspects that involve the governments and security details. This paper presents a discussion of ethics related to people rights to know.
Citizens Right to Know Governmental Information
The extent to which citizens need to know relies upon the threshold of the news and the effects on the security. In some cases, governments need to harbor some information form citizens for the better good of the peoples’ well-being. The first reason as to why governments should hold some information is to improve security. In some cases, when information gets to the public domain, it might threaten the security. For example, a terrorist group might learn about the government’s next move towards closing in on the group making the terrorists change their tactics outsmarting the government leading to a more significant threat to the safety of citizens.
Release of Intelligence News During Wartime
Releasing intelligence information during war times endangers the counties. The intelligence identifies vast information and national data that helps the security forces within a country to bring to boom perpetrators of war. When such information leaks to the citizens, the rebels would have facts about every detail of what the government knows which would aid them to make counter arrang…

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