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English Quantitative Research

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A Response To Paul Tough’s Who Gets To Graduate?
The American education system has been criticized for its effect on social and economic inequality, especially in amplifying the gap between the rich and the poor instead of reducing it. In most cases, students from minority racial and economic groups are unable to achieve academically not because they do not have the skills and prior academic required, but because those who graduated are selected based on the education or income achievement of their families. Tough in his article “Who Gets to Graduate?” is right that the US higher education is flawed since it produces graduates based not on students’ abilities to perform academically, but their family’s financial strengths or educational achievement.
Similar concerns of how the American higher education continues to discriminate the minority groups in the US have been raised before. Usually, it is the discriminating effects it has against students from low-income areas that are problematic to Americans as Tough (3) explains or the financial burden it places on these same students as Draut (4) points out in his essay “Occupy College.” Interestingly, both authors are conscious of the historical situation of American education. Tough (1) reveals that Vanessa Brewer’s family history is that of non-graduates for 18 years since her mother dropped out of high school. Unlike tough, however, Draut (1) in a brief c…

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