Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

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Inventory Management
The article provides a compelling argument backed up by evidence for the effectiveness of customer-centric supply chain. The authors note that traditional business models that placed customers under marketing departments were failing to achieve customer satisfaction in the 21st century. The new business climate requires organizations to have a supply chain department that is in direct contact with customers.
I like the way the author has presented the article systematically. He depicts the reasons behind the chain in management supply in the 21st century. The visual representation in the article provides an excellent illustration of the nature of supply management. It shows the various aspects of the supply chain, what happens to a product before it reaches the final consumer. I have come to learn that changes in society have played a crucial role in supply management. Technological changes and customer base has altered the companies operate. The example of Amazon provides a detailed illustration of how inventory management is changing with technological advancement.
The topic is an interesting to read since it highlights the need for more customer-oriented inventory management. The 21st-century society is experiencing a lot of changes which has shifted the business climate. Technology has become an integral part of our lives and since it facilitates most of our daily activiti…

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