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Interview Assignment

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Hospitality Industry Interview Report
The Hospitality industry remains to be one of the key contributors to Any Economy, including employment and foreign exchange (Andriotis 333). Due to this, many people, in different parts of the world have been curious to know several aspects associated with the industry. This report details some of these findings, as obtained from one of the industry’s top personnel, specializing in Restaurant Management. Below are the explanations.
As mentioned before, the interviewee is a restaurant manager, whose roles include overseeing and maintaining the restaurant’s revenues, maintaining profitability and setting quality goals. She is also the general restaurant manager. On the same note, the interviewee has twenty years of experience.
To effectively work in this field, one has to train in an institution of higher learning, in courses related to hospitality. Furthermore, the personnel needs to have reputable and positive customer service, Good communication abilities and must be a problem solver.
According to the interviewee, in this field, you must enjoy traveling, meeting and working with new people from diverse cultures, among others. However, there is reduced family time, as the work needs a lot of concentration and traveling, repetitive tasks and at times, trying to stay positive in a negative environment.
Some of the formal benefits that the interviewee gets from her job include a full f…

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