Infrastructure Protection

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Infrastructure Protection

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1. Do you believe that the nightmare scenario of a foreign adversary shutting down the power, turning off banking systems or physically damaging crucial infrastructure will happen to Australia? Give reasons for your opinion.
Australian systems are interconnected (Schiller, 2010, 6). A SCADA runs the systems. Normally SCADA do not have cybersecurity. The systems connect to the internet and the messages of the system are not accurate. Hence it is very difficult to determine whether the person sending a command is legit, or a hacker is trying to get into the system (Zetter, 2016, 14). This makes it easier for an outsider to get into the system without being noticed. Therefore a hacker would easily get in and manipulate all the activities and damages the crucial infrastructure in the system. The above reasons, therefore, validate the possibility of a cyber-attack happening in Australia.
2. If such an event occurred and resulted in the loss of civilian life, is this a red line that would justify military retaliation or still within the limits of a diplomatic option?
In case a Cyber-attack occurs in Australia, which would lead to shutting down of power, the country would face the lack of electricity, which is one of the worst events that should never occur (Harrop & Matteson, 2015, 149). It would affect almost all activities in a country. Also, it would affect the transport syste…

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