Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research

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Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research

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Stupidity in the Scientific Research
The field of scientific research is attributed to the provision of solutions to scientific problems. The development of the research hypotheses requires adequate problem-solving skills to come with a deliverable. However, the aspect of stupidity plays a crucial role in the scientific research. The research problem is an area that no one understands the solution. The researcher may as well not be competent enough to solve the research problem. The aspect of stupidity eradicates the complexity of the research problem and makes the researcher believe that he or she can create a solution (Schwartz 1771). Scientific tasks are demanding hence the need to invest time in them. The best option to enhance innovation is to strive and do the best in the research area. The paper explores the importance of stupidity in the scientific research.
Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research
Scientific research entails pushing towards the undiscovered or unknown solutions to enhance innovation. The field of science involves numerous areas such as earth and life sciences as well as technological inventions through the use of computer devices. It is, therefore, vital to make multiple trials in the scientific research even after points of failure. The researcher may have distinct questions regarding the research area thus confronting the absolute stupidity (Schwartz 1771). Concentrating on the …

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