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Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Psychology

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Psychology: Michael Jackson as a cultural object
Michael Jackson was born in 1958 and together with his siblings, they formed a group called the Jackson’s five. His father was a crane operator with his mother being a homemaker. His father believed his sons had a talent, and he helped them mold it and at times he would get violent with them as they rehearsed as shown in (Ochs, 2014). Jackson at age five-year, was already a lead singer with outstanding skills on a mature singer and not like a five-year-old child. At age 13 years, he launched a solo career although he still maintained the group singing under the Jackson five. He used to sing pop music that helped transform the pop culture in the 1980s. In 1979, he launched a success album “off the wall” and became number one pop music on the billboards. With a release of the introduction of the moonwalking dance by Jackson, most people in the 1980s would try but would do nothing close to what Jackson would do as shown in (Rosen, 2009). His dress code and powerful voice, transformed the culture too since people tried to dress, sing, and dance like him.
Pop culture object is appropriate for popular culture research
Jackson is suitable for research in popular culture since he was not only an icon in the music industry but also to his followers from the general public (Rosen, 2009). For instance from the music industry people Madonna, Janet jacket her since, and Chris Brown followe…

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