Human Relations

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Human Relations

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Human Relations
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Human Relations
This work provides an overview of the employee’s engagement and job satisfaction, the employee’s attachment initiatives, job gratification, and the general organizational culture. It again tackles the implications that the author’s findings have on the human relations at the workplace. This paper will check on the significance of the management team and the human resource in employee engagement and job satisfaction. I will also check into the connections between the article and the textbook ideas on the employee involvement and job fulfillment through to the organizational culture.
Engagement and Job Relish
Employee satisfaction is how the employees themselves are satisfied with what they do in an organization and can be determined by the employee satisfaction survey. It is clear from the article that the business leaders feel that the benefit of employee engagement is not actualized and at the same time CEO site this among the top global business strategy. Since this is a big deal among the business leaders, they have considered this as a challenge and, therefore, invested in it to support the fast- thriving business environment. The whole ideas have challenges, and the remedy to be taken has been defined in the article.
The author’s ideas on the employee engagement initiatives involve the employer having a more precise work that bears a lot of focus that aims at reducing the general workload (Paul,…

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