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Environmental issues
I have opted to write about air pollution in Bay surroundings. The main reason why I have selected this topic is that it highlights one of the sensitive issues that affect the lives of every individual living in Tambay region. The author of the article emphasizes how air in this region has been polluted by nitrogen produced by vehicles and power plants. However, he acknowledges that this situation can be reversed if every individual becomes responsible enough to opt for better transportation means such as bicycles which doesn’t pollute the environment and if every power plant upgrades to use natural gas instead of coal. It’s from this article where we have informed the role we should play to improve the quality of air and water. Also, it acts as a warning that if we fail to change our actions we will be the cause of any illness or death that will face us.
I have decided to cover one of my classmate’s post that addresses the issue of Tampa sewage overflow. This topic discusses how sewage overflow in Tampa bay causes water pollution. Some of the stakeholders that have shown concern in this issue are the local government because it’s their mandate to ensure there is efficient drainage in the region and that the welfare of the residents is met. The residents of this region have also expressed their concern and frustration because their health is at risk due to the water pollution that has occurred. Moreover, local i…

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