How yoga, meditation and yoga nidra help with PTSD

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How yoga, meditation and yoga nidra help with PTSD

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Evaluation of the effects of Yoga, Meditation and Yoga-Nidra for management of PTSD
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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder refers to an anxiety disorder which may develop in an individual after being exposed to traumatic events. The traumatic events may be assault/combat related which directly affects an individual. However, the individual may witness such assault or combat on others, which may cause PTSD in him or her. Individuals with PTSD experience recurrent flashbacks of the traumatic event, hyper arousal, avoidance of memories, and suicidal attempts which may or may not be associated with depression. If such symptoms remain unaddressed, it may remain chronic for the entire life time. There are various approaches, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological, which are implemented to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD and improving the quality of life in an affected individual (Cahill and Foa 267-313).
Recent developments in non-pharmacological interventions include the use of yoga and meditation-based therapies for the treatment of PTSD. Such interventions provide better coping strategies, in individuals suffering from PTSD. The guiding principle of such therapies is to harness the positive energy present in an individual with PTSD and redirecting the same for the purpose of healing. The present…

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