Initial Elevator Pitch

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Initial Elevator Pitch

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Initial Elevator Speech
Hello, my name is Derrick I am a holder of High School Diploma in Medical Office Assistant at Wheaton Warrenville South High School – Wheaton, IL, and GED at Bryant and Stratton College – Buffalo, NY. I have two years experience in the profession having worked at Hospital-Louisville, KY and currently as Medical Office Assistant (Hyatt n.p). The experiences have equipped me with required skills and knowledge in the field specifically in transcription, Recordkeeping and management, Front desk scheduling, Filing and Patient care, lab equipment operation and maintenance, patient bathing, and emergency procedures.
My background in the profession of Medical Office Assistant has equipped me with knowledge and an excellent understanding of medical laws and ethics. I work exceptionally well in a team environment and has been a team leader in the most projects at Hospital –Louisville, NY, I have developed my communication skills which have expanded my skills in companion and emotional support, patient Care and presentation which are integral to the field. I enjoy the challenge of new technologies I learned while working at Hospital Louisville, KY as a medical office assistant. Since then I have focused on attaining additional training in the computer which has boosted my skills in developing and handling industry software applications, Healthcare coding, medical software applications, data management, e…

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