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The phrase “it’s a good day to die” means that situations always change. “…either cut my braids or keep me home from class” means that Indians were not expected to be good in class work. The phrase “waited for the punishment to end” means that Indians are denied the freedom to express themselves. The statement “So you can heal people” reveals that Indians need to be shifted from their traditions and beliefs (Alexie, 2017). “…almost innocent choices that the Indian boys were forced to make” imply that Indian students are forced to take specific subjects. “Always throw the first punch” means that you always have to be ahead of the rest to succeed. The statement “not one word was said about their color” is an implication that whites benefit from priorities that Indians don’t. “Give me your lunch if you’re just going to throw it up” implies that white children are privileged in the society compared to Indian kids (Alexie, 2017). The phrase “sharing dark skin doesn’t necessarily make two men brothers” means that not all Indian kids follow in the footsteps of the alcoholic fathers as perceived by whites. “…we understand completely” imply that the Indians understood themselves more than the whites did. “Go ahead and tell me none of this is supposed to hurt me very much” means that Victor blames himself for missing free throws for his team, “Indians,” where he is the only Indian …

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