How does this represent our culture ?

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How does this represent our culture ?

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The Cultural Impact of HBO’s Silicon Valley
Media representations are gradually gaining a pivotal place in the representation of culture. It is noteworthy that a critical analysis of the place of media; as represented through TV shows is reasonably representative of the popular culture. The entertaining nature of television shows makes them palpable as a media form, often leaving an indelible mark in the culture of a society. Through popular television shows; notably HBO’s Silicon Valley, the directors make attempts at shaping popular belief, perspectives, and sometimes culture. In this show, the primary message on display is the wanton shrewdness characteristic of the infamous Silicon Valley executives. However, from an in-depth analysis is very telling of implicit messages such as the often-overshadowed difficulties, which lie in establishing successful technology-based startup businesses.
The show has been instrumental in shaping the perceptions of the general populace and their attitude towards technological commerce as an establishment. However, critiques have voiced concern over the somewhat hyperbolic representation of the commercial aspects of the venture (Tang et al. 22). Some have argued that; this is an inaccurate representation of the cultural status quo as regards the concept of technology-based business entities. Further the underlying value represented in the text, including the ideas of greed and corruption, with numerous engagemen…

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