How Consumer Technology is Remaking the Workplace

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How Consumer Technology is Remaking the Workplace

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The consumer technology and the mobile devices are changing the way people operate in almost all the workplaces. In every organization, there is assistance that is experienced through the help of the cell phones. The mobile devices are of late becoming a necessity in every workplace due to the advantages that they have in the company (Slattery Np). For instance, in most cases, mobile devices are used for conducting online transactions such as receiving money from customers. Sending and receiving invoices and receipts have also been made easy since these financial documents are delivered instantly whenever they are sent. And also the employees can use these devices to make data analysis of the organization. The management, as well as the employees, can carry their computers to work and back thereby making them perform their duties even when away from the workplace. The manager is also able to view the progress of the work in the entire organization in the comfort of his or her office. The fact that every employee can use his or her mobile devices reduces the congestion that was being made at the workplace desktop hence increasing the employees’ satisfaction.
On the contrary, there are challenges that are experienced by the use of these mobile devices. For example, the IT department works tirelessly to ensure that the online services are provided effectively. And also the risk of insecurity also increases (Slattery Np). The …

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