Horizontal Violance

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Horizontal Violance

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Horizontal violence in nursing

Horizontal Violence in Nursing
Quality care depends on an emphasis on teamwork to achieve positive patient outcomes. In essence, teamwork helps nurses to focus on shared vision, positive attitude and developing respect for each other at the workplace. However, where there are negative workplace relationships, team performance is disrupted. Just like any other workplace environment, the nurses are also affected by horizontal violence where a staff, for instance, turns aggressive against a colleague within the workplace. Horizontal violence is often a result of a series of incidents that goes unchecked over a period of time compared to an isolated incident or conflict at the workplace. In most cases, horizontal violence is covert and normally difficult to discern. As a result, it is the victim who repeatedly suffers without any for intervention to address to the problem (Becher &Visovsky, 2012). This paper explores hostile violence in the nursing profession and how it affects health care.
What causes horizontal violence in the nursing profession?
Due to the hectic work involved in the provision of health care, health providers such as nurses tend to experience higher levels of stress and burnout. The work stress adds up to other life stressors that manifest in raising families and personal relationships, for example. Consequently, these stressors may have an impact on a nurse’s psyche. Just like…

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