Holiday Dinner Party

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Holiday Dinner Party

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Holiday Dinner Party
At least once in a lifetime, everyone deserves the experience of a beautiful dining moment. Such memories are usually exceptional, priceless, and never get old even when we begin to grow grey hair. In work environments, dinners are a crucial component for bonding of colleagues and promotion of togetherness (“My Favourite Meal”). This is the kind of experience that we had on 5th December 2018 when Hearthside organized a dinner for its employees.
This is an event we had all been anticipating for, and when the day finally came, we could not help but turn out in our best outfits. Our arrival to the dinner venue was timely as was expected. We were then ushered to the dining section by a friendly hostess who had made our reservation. As this was a general meal to guide us into the holiday mood, the management urged everyone to be free and have fun. The dinner, which was issued by the company’s administration, served all the company’s three shifts. Trust me this was like the best company dinner! The food, specifically, was so delicious. We were served with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and fruit salad. Apart from the pleasant meals, the dinner also provided us with the opportunity to interact with our colleagues from separate shifts as we shared our personal experiences in the company (“My Favourite Meal”).
At the conclusion of the dinner, I realized that Hearthside,…

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